Versus Entertainment is a film distribution and production company based in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 2005, Versus has distributed many films by celebrated directors, including Richard Linklater and Lars Von Trier. With a fantastic reputation in the audiovisual industry, Versus is focused on introducing Spain to internationally acclaimed culture and independent films, lauded by critics and film festivals across the globe.

Some of Versus’ most significant distributions include  Perfect Sense  (David Mackenzie),  Submarine  (Richard Ayoade), and  Woody Allen: A Documentary  (Robert B. Weide). Recently, Versus has brought two internationally celebrated films to Spain:  Colossal  (Nacho Vigalondo) and  Columbus  (Kogonada). This year, Versus plans to distribute  I Am Not A Witch  (Rungano Nyoni),  Nico 1998  (Susanna Nicchiarelli), and  Season of Hunting  (Natalia Garagiola). Versus’ first project as a production company,  The Quagmire(Luiso Berdejo), was selected for the Atelier program at the Cannes Film Festival. Other notable recent projects include  Dying Beyond Their Means  (Isaki Lacuesta), Ira (Jota Aranoak),  Guest  (Jose Luis Guerin),  Buried  (Ryan Reynolds), and  Red Lights  (Robert DeNiro, Sigourney Weaver) .This February Versus will commence production on  Boi (Jorge M. Fontana). With a continued commitment to exploring new and exciting ventures, Versus Entertainment is expanding its activities across new channels. Versus Have now joined the online platform Filmin cinema, and audiovisual content Also through the search engine manage  .


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