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On March 16 we premiered THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE , a documentary framed in the historic event of the World Pride Madrid 2017. Produced by El País and Sundance TV with the collaboration of Madrid City Council. The film was directed by Fernando González Molina, responsible for blockbusters such as Tres metros sobre el cielo , Palmeras en el nieve and El Invisible Guardian . The Best Day of My Life  portrays the day to day of April, Geena, Ruth, Timo, Max and Nick, six young people belonging to the LGBT + community and their meeting in Madrid, in the celebration of World Pride.

THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE tells the experience of six people from Spain, Uganda, Russia and France who in difficult circumstances dare to live what they are with pride, joy and commitment. Everyone will meet in Madrid for an unforgettable celebration.

April has just started her journey towards a body that respects her soul, Ruth is a lesbian activist who lives in Uganda, Nick and her partner Max live together in Russia, where they must pass themselves off as cousins, Geena is an actress ready to eat The world despite not having any contact with their family and Timo is a dumb trampoline homosexual and deaf that demonstrates day after day, which is able to overcome any obstacle.

While Madrid was preparing for the WorldPride 2017 , two million people from all over the world came to visit the city and celebrate the event. For some, a one-week party, for others, the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled visibility and respect for diversity. THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE is a luminous work that celebrates human rights, music, art, artistic expressions, food, sports and celebration, without forgetting the daily life of its protagonists.


After exceeding one million spectators with each film he has directed, Fernando González Molina presents his most personal project, a documentary that according to his words ” has allowed him to transform and learn and has become a fundamental event in his life “.

González Molina, creator of blockbusters such as Fuga de cerebros and Tres metros sobre el cielo , deals for the first time with the subject of homosexuality in his filmography and proudly, he does it in a documentary that works ” as a triple tribute to the city of Madrid, one of the freest and most open cities in the world, the LGBT movement in the country that in 40 years has managed to change the Spanish reality and those anonymous people who fight to be themselves anywhere in the world “.

The music of THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE is given by Lucas Vidal , the young Spanish composer who won two Goyas in 2016 for the soundtrack of Nobody Wants the Night by Isabel Coixet and for the main song of Palmeras en el nieve , written along with singer-songwriter Pablo Alborán. For THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE , Vidal has composed the soundtrack and the main theme They know it  together with the artist Antonio Orozco.

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